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In the air 

WMBS is a representative of Technology Company in Aviation Navigation Tracking and Invoicing,

The platform is an accurate and transparent suite, providing a turnkey solution to automate airspace user fee calculation and collection.

With over 99% of fees properly identified and collected,

Sovereign Nations can invest in their airspace, resulting in greater levels of safety, efficiency, and prosperity.


and on the ground 

WMBS is a representative of a Company that provides technological advancements to airlines, airports, and travel companies worldwide.


The technology company offers modern and innovative products that provide the latest technological advancements to airlines, airports and travel companies worldwide.  


The solutions are designed and built from the ground-up to be robust, secure, scalable and responsive to the latest industry developments and requirements - while staying true to the core standards that govern our industry.

Relocation Supervision Services

We provide representation and supervisory services, consult, plan and manage on behalf of VIP Executive offices, Trip-Planning Companies, Charter Companies or Private Companies. . We oversee and manage facilities and equipment used. We coordinate with 3rd party service providers on behalf of clients. We supervise check-in and ramp services to ensure smooth and timely aircraft turn around We procure flight permits and coordinate slot arrangements on the ground if required on behalf of clients. We liaise with airport authorities and service providers for any contracted services on behalf of the client. We provide a detailed report up to 12 hrs before arrival

Customer Support Solutions.

  • Account Management - Customer Relations / Supplier Relations, Representative of selected customers in the region.


Supply Chain - Supplier Solutions.

  • Airport and Handler Verifications Data Procurement.

  • Supplier relations, representing selected Vendors in the assigned region.


  • Assist in departmental restructuring.

  • Quality Assurance

  • Improved delivery of operations on the ground.

  • Recruitment, training, and development assistance.

  • Retention Ongoing operational assistance.


Improve the effectiveness of a company by analyzing its existing practices for weaknesses. After the assessment, we create Business Solutions to help your company more efficiently meet its goals Once accepted our broad overview and the value, we can proceed with implementation.

We will partner with senior management to review your existing business processes and make recommendations to improve efficiency, improve customer service and reduce business costs.

Create a framework to improve efficiency, strengthen customer relationships and redefine organizational structure to maintain competitive advantage across territories. 

Analyzes current operations, weighs market trends to identify requirements and implements changes to meet them. Facilitates the expansion of the business footprint to new markets, supporting the development of global products.


Improve the effectiveness of an enterprise by analyzing its existing practices to identify weaknesses. After the assessment, we develop business solutions to help your business achieve its goal more effectively.