Pink and Purple Events & party Entertain

Experience Matters !! 

Planned, implemented, and oversaw VIP clients logistical service for several high-profile events including the G20 Summit, ASEAN World Leaders Summit, the Russia World Cup Soccer 2018. During Soccer 2018 , Responsible, over three-week period with 6 VVIP Flights and  ZERO delays Russia 2018. 


Responsible person for Head Of State Flight operating several Aircrafts attending G20. Acted middle man , between vendors, clients and offices

Assited a destination Company on a 3 week trip from Cape Town to Cairo, as " FLight Mananger "

Hired by HNW New York Family to oversee their Africa Adventure in a Private Jet over 21 Days..... 

Completed a project, restructuring an Aviation Services Company in Europe, focusing on past experience and lessons learned.  ImpleImplementation of Client Profile, Streamline Sales efforts.  

Provided Support to an African Supervisory Company in implementing standards and procedures to elevate services deliveries.