Who is WM

WM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is a solutions-focused company, represented by Wynand Meyer, based on 20 years of experience in over 70 countries.

The Founder, Wynand Meyer is a multifaceted leader with operational expertise, directing strategic business development, managing a variety of front-line services, building financial strategy and business plans and establishing corporate governance.


As a highly adaptable management professional, he contributes to project successes and fosters a collaborative work culture based on previous successes on global projects in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia, India, and French Polynesia. His ability to mobilize financial and operational resources, improve productivity, streamline existing operations, and implement policies that create a more customer-focused organization.


He combines entrepreneurial flair with business management skills to increase your income, results, and profitability. 

He provides adaptive leadership and integrated strategies to enhance operational performance.


His success includes the opening of the African Headquarters in South Africa for Trip Support Company and expand their presence in Nigeria and Kenya with regional offices and satellite offices in 9 other locations.

He Coordinated several Fortune 100 high-profile clients Airport logistics, attending official state visits and events including the G20 Summit, ASEAN World Leaders Summit, the Russia World Cup Soccer 2018, three-week period ZERO delays for six VVIP flights.


Expansion of services for a VIP Flight supervisory company in Africa to provide services in Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. Increased revenues twofold, creating sustainable revenue streams.

He earned an invitation from Jeppesen for the San Diego 2007 conference to present  Business Aviation Operations in Southern Africa, he also actively participated in several conferences globally as a speaker or a panellist subject matter expert and delivered  several keynote speeches. 


“My motivation behind WM BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is to continue to make a difference and share knowledge, believes to assist companies or owners who are willing to entrust and make time to listen to ideas.


These ideas and solutions are derived from “” on the job “”, exposure and direct client relationships over many years. .

The ideas will enhance service deliveries and clients will be impressed, especially if you  show them the unique quality that can come from the most remote or undeveloped areas,  THIS will  be prominent, and the bar will be set higher in the industry 

” Mr Wynand Meyer, Founder & Managing Director,

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